About Us

PIVO Praha, Ltd. is an engineering company, founded in 1991 by experts with more than 20 years of experience within the brewing industry. The company has been a member of the Czech Brewery Association since 1994, and a member of Association for Consulting to Business since 1999. The principal activities of our company include technical assistance with technological problems, technical projects, complex engineering for breweries, and designing and distribution of minibreweries. The company has own microbiological laboratory and collection of many types of brewing yeast. The company is owner of small brewery with restaurant “Pivovarský dům” in Prague.

Offer of Services

  • Technical and technological audit of the brewery – due diligence / engineering report
  • Conception of further technical development of the brewery, devided in steps and also including feasibility study – Long Term Development Plan
  • Modernization of individual brewery processes – project documentation, montage supervision, technology assistance with launching of production and assistance by qurantee tests
  • Reconstructions of individual brewery processes – turn key delivery
  • Preparing and consulting services related to selection of contractors of technological equipment (tenders)
  • Brief help with technological problems and automation of the brewery process – including simply algoritmus
  • Modernization of the brewhouse – lautering process including lauter tun montage (as a final contractor)
  • Regeneration station of washing lyes – according to custommer´s conditions
  • Quality assurance system implementation including reporting
  • Management of licence´s beer production transfer and instalation
  • Technical-technolgical services and support by technological problems solving
  • New types of beer know-how
  • Delivery and complex engineering for construction of minibreweries, from technological project to the help with the start of production
  • Microbrewery – turn key delivery
  • Beer spa – turn key delivery
  • Hands-on experience and practical training of new minibrewery brewmasters on similar equipment in the Czech Republic
  • Sales of second-hand machinery
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